Since its creation, Milos has been known for its healing energy. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of holistic medicine, praised the therapeutic properties of Milos’ thermal springs. A remedy for skin conditions, aching muscles, arthritis and rheumatism, these natural spas are scattered all over Milos, from Lakkos to Skinopi. Bubbling up between rocks, in caves, and beneath the sea, each hot spring has different minerals, water temperatures, and medicinal qualities.

Wellness therapies inspired by ancient wisdom

The wellness facilities at White Pebble Suites are inspired by the natural gifts of Milos and Greek holistic wisdom. Our massages, facials, and other wellness treatments use Olive Era products, which harness the beneficial effects of organic olive oil. A rich source of vitamins and antioxidants, olive oil nourishes, moisturises and strengthens your skin and hair, protects against sun damage, and has anti-ageing properties. Combined with Mediterranean herbal tinctures and elixirs, our body therapies and beauty treatments are based on remedies tried and tested in Greece for centuries.

Wellness is a vital part of your experience at White Pebble Suites. With its soft Cycladic contours, natural materials, and sensual lighting, our services are designed to instil a deep sense of calm. Our facilities feature tranquil treatment rooms for individuals or couples, a sultry hammam clad in pale marble, and a Vichy shower to wash away any tension.

OLIVE ERA TM full line of beauty and care products, using Greek bio olive oil from the island of Crete, provides full support for the face’s natural needs at every stage of its’s care. By combining the natural qualities of olive oil with herbs and plants beneficial to the skin like chamomile, tea, lavender, grape seeds, and aloe, during processing. OLIVE ERA care line offers everything the skin needs to rejuvenate itself. Nutrition, moisturising, stimulation and strong protection from the adverse effects of ageing and the environment.

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