CostFrom €320
Duration10am – 3pm

Ideal for island hoppers on a tight schedule, this private sightseeing tour covers the best of Milos in one day. A local expert will guide up to 8 guests around the island’s must-see highlights.

Explore Sarakiniko, whose lunar landscape has made Milos Insta-famous. Tiptoeing over the giant waves of white rock is truly like walking on the moon. Stroll the whitewashed alleys of Plaka, the island’s hilltop capital, a masterclass in minimalist Cycladic style. Step back in time at the early Christian catacombs, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Visit the spot where a local farmer stumbled upon the Venus de Milo, the sublime statue of Aphrodite now in the Louvre. Marvel at the acoustics (and panoramic views) at the ancient theatre of Milos, built in the 3rd century BC. Photograph the rainbow-coloured boathouses of Klima, and cool off after a full day of sightseeing with a swim at one of the famous beaches on Milos.

Our guides speak English, French, and Greek. Spanish-speaking guides are available upon request, for an extra charge.

Price includes: Bottled water, midday snack, map.
Price does not include: Admission to the catacombs, lunch.

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CostFrom €470
Duration10am – around 5pm

Access all areas in this off-road adventure to the wild west of Milos. Most of this uncharted terrain is only accessible in a 4WD vehicle. On this full-day tour, our local guide will lead you on an exhilarating road trip around hidden Milos in a luxury jeep.

The itinerary starts at Sarakiniko, exploring secret corners of this lunar landscape that most visitors never find. We’ll check out the tiny beach tucked inside Papafragas cave and the virgin beach of Agia Marina, before heading to Cape Vani, on the north-west tip of Milos, with its abandoned manganese mines and red rock formations. We’ll chill with a swim and picnic at Agathia, one of the secluded beaches on the west coast of Milos. If you like, we can stop for a typical Greek lunch in Ebourios, a tiny fishing village with a fantastic seaside taverna.

Our guides speak English and Greek. French and Spanish speaking guides are  available on request, for an extra charge.

Price includes: Bottled water, midday snack, map.
Price does not include: Admission to the catacombs, lunch.

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CostFrom €400
Duration10am – around 3pm

With its colourful deposits of rare minerals, volcanic Milos is like an open-air geological museum. This fascinating tour is based on the brilliant Miloterranean Geo Experience — a series of guided walks that uncover the 10,000-year-old history of Milos, created by a crack team of geologists, mining engineers, foresters, cartographers and historians.

This private tour for up to 3 guests, travelling by jeep, starts at the Milos Mining Museum in Adamas, which has an exceptional obsidian collection. We’ll explore the salt pans at Alykes, where tons of salt were once loaded onto ships for export, before walking across the volcanic crater of Fyriplaka, surrounded by century-old cedar trees. Sulphurous fumaroles rise from the ochre and red rocks at Kalamos, where the remains of kaolin mines are visible. In operation since antiquity but abruptly abandoned in the 1950s, the remote sulphur mines offer a ghostly glimpse into Greece’s industrial heritage. Still in operation, Aggeria is one of the largest bentonite mines in Europe. We’ll observe the dramatic, open-cast galleries from a lookout before heading back to base.

Our expert Milos guides speak English, French, and Greek.

Price includes: Guide / driver in a 4×4 vehicle, fuel, bottled water, snack, map.
Price does not include: Admission to the Mining Museum.

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Milos Half Day Hiking Tour


CostFrom €180 per person
Duration4 hours (10am – around 2pm)

On the northern shoreline of Milos, pumice cliffs and undulating rock formations plunge down to the aquamarine Aegean. An experienced walking guide will lead you along this awe-inspiring coastal path, a moderate 3.5 hour hike into otherworldly landscapes that are not accessible by car or boat.

This walking tour starts from the Bronze Age ruins of Phylakopi, once a major trading post for obsidian. Along the way, we’ll pass fjord-like Papafragas, with a sandy beach wedged between immense rocks, and the colourful fishing hamlets of Agios Konstantinos and Mytakas. Our last stop is the most dramatic of all: Sarakiniko, where the chalky cliffs are perforated with caves, canyons, and inlets. You can dive off the frothy white peaks into the emerald sea — if you dare!

Price includes: Guide, bottled water, map, transfers to and from White Pebble Suites.

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CostFrom €1,650
Duration10 hours (9am – around 7pm)

Designed for our most adventurous guests, this action-packed tour combines an energetic hike to Kleftiko and a relaxing sailing trip, all in a single day.

With an early start to beat the heat, we’ll set off in a comfortable sedan, or 8 seater minivan for the wild west of Milos, a nature reserve full of unusual flora and fauna. Our experienced hiking guide will lead you on a moderately easy trek to the spectacular bay of Kleftiko. Most people explore these giant sea caves and stone arches by boat; approaching Kleftiko by land offers a totally different perspective on this natural wonder.

After swimming through the underwater tunnels and caves at Kleftiko, we’ll board a sailboat for a freshly cooked lunch at sea. In the afternoon, we’ll sail along the mesmerising west coast of Milos, around the red cliffs of Cape Vani and the natural harbour of Adamas, passing cute little fishing villages like Klima. We’ll stop to admire the jagged rock formations of Glaronisia islets on our way back to Pollonia.

Price includes: Bottled water, midday snack, map, snorkelling equipment, traditional Greek lunch, refreshments.
Price does not include: Beach towels.

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CostFrom €420
Duration8 hours (10am – around 6pm)

The gold and violet cliffs of Kimolos, visible from White Pebble Suites, are only a half-hour ferry ride from Pollonia. Smaller and sleepier than Milos, Kimolos has been barely touched by the passing of time. One of the most authentic and unspoiled islands in the Cyclades, Kimolos makes a wonderful day trip from Milos.

On this private tour for up to 8 guests, our guide will pick you up from White Pebble Suites in a luxury jeep or minivan. We’ll catch the morning ferry to Kimolos and explore the traditional capital, Chorio, which is crowned by a fortified medieval settlement called Kastro. Dozens of beautiful chapels nestle in the whitewashed alleys. Afterwards we’ll swim at one of the serene beaches of Kimolos, such as Psathi, Bonatsa, or Prassa, with its therapeutic hot springs, before catching the late afternoon ferry back to Milos.

Our experienced Greek island guides speak English, French, and Greek.

Price includes: Guide/ driver, fuel, ferry tickets to and from Kimolos, bottled water, midday snack, map.
Price does not include: Lunch, beach towels, admission to museums.

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